Ignore The Code:

In order to get all of iTunes’ features to fit into this tiny bar, Apple had to completely overload all of the UI elements inside that bar. Its very difficult to form a correct mental model of an application that exposes the same kind of feature in very different ways (there are at least four different ways of jumping between different sections in iTunes), and uses the same kind of ui element for very different features (the exact same tabs, sitting side-by-side, are used to change how the current screen is shown, and to jump to an entirely different screen).

Was mich an iTunes 11 am meisten aufkratzt: Das Refresh-Symbol bei den Podcasts dreht sich nicht mehr, wenn iTunes nach neuen Folgen sucht. Gulf of evaluation für den Gewinn! Das versteckte Icon für aktuelle Downloads macht es nur noch schwieriger, den Systemzustand zu interpretieren.