Chris Ziegler bei The Verge:

While this influx of talent continued in late 2007 and early 2008, Mercer and his small team from Iventor had been plugging away on their vision for Nova, codenamed “Prima.” In some respects, Prima borrowed from Mercer’s time tested playbook: it was a lightweight operating system designed for resource-constrained devices. But it wasn’t what Nova needed. “Mercer’s stuff was garbage,” one source bluntly told us. “All he had was a nice demo, but nothing really worked,” said another. “The software team was getting close to mutiny. It was untenable to build what we wanted to build.” Simple tasks like centering text on the screen required five lines of code. If a single app crashed, it would often take every running app down with it. Palm engineers trying to write apps and services for Prima were stymied by an archaic debugging scheme that required the entire UI layer to be stopped and restarted each time, a process which took about a minute and a half. Though it was Java-based, writing Prima code required the use of “custom keywords that no one could understand.